Why Photography?

My love – Photography


Hi friend,

We often talk on how to take better photos – but never why make photos.
This is a very interesting question, isn’t?

The first question you gotta ask yourself is why you make photos and why you like making photos?
I take photos because it is a passion for me, and my hobby. And big love in my everyday life, too. I love photography because I can see reality and make my own art in my mind’s eye.
Actually, Photography is the easiest way for me to make art. The drawing or painting takes a long time to make a piece of art. I’m very impatient and I want to happen at the moment. I don’t like waiting. That’s why Photography is my love.

To be honest I don’t think there is any good or bad reason to take photos. You just gotta be honest with yourself, to find the true reason why you make photos.
Do some people take photos of escapism from their boring job? Or they get lots of likes and followers on social media, to find more meaning and purpose in life.

Photography is a hobby for someone, but why? These are the 5 Reasons why photography is a hobby.

  • Recording events and capturing memories
    Photography allows you to create photos of events and places. You record what happened and then you can share them with friends and family. You carry the memory of that, allowing you to share it and remember it with those that were there. Those memories become part of your history.
  • Travel
    With Photography you will travel to different parts of your own city or country, and if you are lucky enough to afford it, other parts of the world are a likely outcome of taking up photography. There is so much interesting stuff to photograph in other places including landscapes, wildlife, architecture, and people from other cultures. Travel broadens the mind and exposes you to new concepts and ideas and is an excellent learning opportunity, provides so much creativity.
  • You fun
    So much fun can be had with a camera. You could be out with the family at the beach, a picnic, mountains, on a street… So many opportunities to do new, interesting, and fun things with your camera.
  • Health and fitness
    Yes, photography is fitness. Getting out of the house, walking about, or even hiking. If you are into landscapes then you have to go to where the landscape scenes are, and that often means some form of exercise.
  • Creativity
    Photography is creative! Being creative is something we don’t tend to allow ourselves to do often. Photography is creativity that allows endless flexibility in how you adapt it to your own personal style. That style can grow as you learn more and start to experiment with different things. Creativity is fun and it provides a necessary balance against the stressful demands of the modern lifestyle.

Have fun and enjoy your photography!