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    Picture at home

    Do you sometimes wonder what to shoot !? Well, look around the house and you will see countless things that will be interesting. If there is a place where we can know every corner, every corner and every view, then this is our home. And that’s why focusing your lens on something so familiar can be very, very interesting. Of course, we will need to look at our home as photographers – with curiosity and a searching photographic gaze. Take a walk around your home and look for some interesting detail to capture in an interesting and photogenic way.

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    Why Photography?

    My love – Photography Hi friend, We often talk on how to take better photos – but never why make photos.This is a very interesting question, isn’t? The first question you gotta ask yourself is why you make photos and why you like making photos?I take photos because it is a passion for me, and my hobby. And big love in my everyday life, too. I love photography because I can see reality and make my own art in my mind’s eye.Actually, Photography is the easiest way for me to make art. The drawing or painting takes a long time to make a piece of art. I’m very impatient and…