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How do make good photos?

Make good photos!

Hi, friends!

Today I wake up with a cup of coffee of course,… and I asked myself one question: “How do we take better photos?

“Maybe, will be interesting for you to know this! You can use a camera or a phone, it’s doesn’t matter! You can find more tips on how to make good photos on the internet, but I will be accurate and clear!

Right, everyone can make photos. Today everyone is already a photographer. But it doesn’t mean everyone makes good photos. I think a good photo is simple.

Actually, a good photo doesn’t have superfluous distractions in the background and has emotion, simplicity, yet is fun and dynamic.


Yes, emotion! If your photos lack it, your photos will be not good and will bore your viewer.

From my experience, I will give you some advice!

Dani Photography

Avoid making boring photos!

What I meaning!? Everyone knows what makes a boring photo.

For example when your photo lacks a central subject. Or if you want something interesting to be happening in a photo – without a decisive moment, your photos will not hold the attention of the viewer.

To bore, your viewer is a very big mistake for photography!

Dani Photography

Make dynamic photos!

Мake more dynamic photos! How?

Make less boring photos when you make dynamic photos. A dynamic photo means, capture movement. Capture cars, people, or animals moving. Anything in motion has more energy and interest.

As humans are interested in fast cars, fast animals, and fast love interests – we are addicted to speed.

Dani photography

Make curvaceous photos!

To make better photos, add more curves… You can capture curves in your photos through the human body curves, the curving movement of hands or a leading curved line, in the form of a street.

Dani photography

Make photos to please yourself!

How to make good photos!? Make photos to be happy with them. This is a very important tip and…

Take more and more photos, then you will more experience. Walking more, taking more, and shooting more photos. Create your own photographic masterpieces!

Good luck!